About me, a photographer in Tokyo


Hi! I'm Damon Fakhri and I take pictures of people at a little photo studio in the heart of Tokyo (Azabu Juban) and on location throughout the metropolis and beyond.
I have been in Japan for close to 15 years and speak fluent Japanese on top of my native English (as well as toddler mumbo-jumbo). Born in NZ, but with roots stretching to Lebanon and Scotland, I believe in the beauty of all of humanity and try to see past the outer shell into the hearts and souls of the people I meet. 
I once spent 8 years wandering the globe with nothing but a backpack and a camera, and that shaped who I am today. I learned that we are all indelibly linked and that love is the answer to everything.
I am married to a shining star and have two amazing boys who are the light in my life, aged one and four.
My goal is to portray the inner beauty, grace and vulnerability of the people I photograph with natural shots and few props. Just you. 
When not behind the camera, you'll find me chuffing around with my boys Rumi and Sahara playing choo-choo trains.

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i believe...in letting kids jump in puddles and chase butterflies—my little one is my teacher. Yup, I'm currently relearning the art of curiosity, of living in the moment, of letting it all out and not holding on. 
I also believe in the beauty of humanity. We can live side-by-side without borders, in harmony. After all, we're all connected anyway, right? I mean, when you see a stranger hurting, your heart tugs. And when someone smiles, you can't help but smile too. Somehow, it feels like we all know each other already.
Yeah I know, there's plenty that's not right in the world. But I still believe everyone is kind at heart. Some may be a little lost, but there's always a way back home. Instead of letting the ills of the world get me down, I simply try to radiate a little sunshine to those around me. And maybe that's enough to make a change.
I believe in appreciating the little things, like walking barefoot on the grass or watching my boy look for pebbles on the ground. The world is beautiful. And so is everyone in it. True, we all have our struggles. But I know in my heart that each challenge also provides a chance to grow. So I try to see each moment, good and bad, as special.
I believe photography is a way of freezing time, of encapsulating a person with all their joys and frustrations, their strengths and frailties. Hopefully my photos sketch a picture of what each person is like deep down. Beauty comes from within, and the camera is what I use to draw that beauty out and show it to the world.